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Since 1998, it is the first Chinese company to offer digital printers, DTF printers and sublimation printers for textiles and clothing. Thanks to many years of support and growth from our customers around the world, we have gained experience in digital printing technologies internationally.

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Advanced digital printing solutions

Thanks to many years of support and growth from our thousands of global customers, we have gained plenty of international operations experience.

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la storia di leaf

More than 10 years of development

At the year of 1998, Miss Betty YE graduated with a marketing bachelor’s, then entered the digital print field, one of China’s forerunners in the digital print field.

At that time, Miss Betty met Mr. Aimin Yang, who graduated with an MBA and worked for some famous China groups, they established “Bright Leaf International”, then started the internationalization process of outputting high-quality with good price China textile digital print solutions to global markets.

Leaf's mission, in fact, is to offer its customers a printing system based on technological excellence, innovation and continuous research and development. Today, Leaf is a global company that prides itself on offering its customers cutting-edge products that reflect our dedication to quality, robust machinery and a line of quality accessories and consumables.

Leaf Italia tecnologia di stampa acanzata e duratura
Leaf Italia fondatori dell'azienda
Leaf Italia software per stampanti digitali dft sulbimatiche uv dtg
Leaf Italia stampante digitale
Leaf Italia stampante digitale

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Looking ahead to innovation

Becoming part of the LEAF world is equivalent to looking ahead to innovation.

LEAF offers customized and reliable digital printing solutions for our customers around the world

In recent years, the printing system of the textile industry has innovated, moving from the traditional printing system to the digital one, making it possible to personalize services, have flexible production and contribute to rapid socially sustainable development and products that respect the environment.

Based on the continuous research of market demand and technological innovation, LEAF has created a set of products that allow you to obtain solutions consisting of reliable printing machines and related consumables.

Leaf Italia


Expertise, documentation, import assistance

Leaf Italia was born from the meeting between the consultant and import export manager Antonietta Cozzolino and the CEO of Leaf Aimin Yang following the importation of some printers and consumables by Italian importing companies. Both have a corporate vision and total attention to the customer and therefore decide to work together to achieve LEAF's objectives in Europe.

Dottoressa Antonietta Cozzolino Responsabile Leaf Italia
Dottoressa Antonietta Cozzolino Responsabile Leaf Italia profilo Linkedin
Dott.ssa Antonietta Cozzolino

Leaf Country Manager

Import Export Manager

Consultant for corporate customs issues

Today, Leaf Italia is therefore close to its customers through a country manager who, having a series of specific skills and competences for the Italian market, is able to respond to all customer needs.


Leaf Italia customers support

Performance and competitiveness

Leaf stands out in particular for having created a vast range of digital and DTF printers and a printing system that is highly performing in terms of quality and consumption, but competitive in price.

We are also aware that assistance for importing companies is fundamental, Leaf has developed a series of strengths.

In fact, we are able to assist the customer in the pre-sales phase, in the post-sales phase and for any possible needs, indeed we are happy to receive feedback from our customers who use the machinery to improve more and more.

We provide more detailes:
  • In the pre-sales phase we evaluate together with the customer which machine is most suitable for his needs;
  • During the purchase and customs clearance phase we support the customer in preparing the documentation relating to the Machinery Directive;
  • Assembly and initial start-up of the machinery can be carried out by our technicians
  • Leaf also has an active online support service;
  • In fast after-sales we are able to supply consumables: film, paper, ink both on a container basis and in small quantities and in short times;
  • Support and spare parts can be sent at any time;
  • Due to capital goods, Leaf machinery can, where present and included, be the subject of possible benefits and tax breaks.
Leaf Italia tecnologia avanzata e duratura

Leaf worldwide

Leaf big family

Our qualified agents are present in different markets, the “LEAF” family network continues to grow on the global market.

Leaf China
Leaf Türkiye
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Leaf Italia
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Clients say about us

I' ha've imported and assembled many of the Leaf machines mainly in Germany and in various parts of the world, I can say that they are robust and long-lasting machines, and the printing system is very efficient and fast. I can only guarantee the quality and suggest to others.


Josh Miller
Business Man

We are a printing company that customizes various types of products in the USA, especially in the field of sportswear and I can say that we have not had any difficulties, we have imported around 40 DTF machines, we use them intensively and, to date, we are fully satisfied.


Josh Miller
Textile fabric

We are a company that works in the home textile production, I was looking for a machine that would allow me to be at the cutting edge technologically, but containing investment costs and above all those of consumables, in order to have a highly competitive production, in a market moment which remains complicated. I turned to Miss Cozzolino who had already been collaborating with us for years and offered us complete assistance for our needs. I feel particularly satisfied.


Francesco C. -Italia
Textile fabric