DTF Printer

DTF digital printer LF-720a

Printer + Shaker + Purifier

Printing heads: Epson i3200-A1 2pz

Printing speed 10m²/hr.@4-pass

Printing width: <600mm

M Serie

Technological solution Ideal for large professional activities



Data sheet LF-720a

Printer for LF-720a

Name Model Printhead & Qty. Print Speed
Printer DTF LF-720a Epson i3200-A1 2pz 10m2/hr.@4-pass
Printing Width Ink color Ink Type RIP Software
<600mm CMYK - White Water based DTF ink RIIN, Maintop, Photoprint (Optional)
Temperature / Humidity Power supply Machine Dimension (cm) Package Dimension
15-30°C,35-65% 1.5KW, 220V, 15A L1336*W658*H1400mm L1465*W1000*H711mm
Net Weight Gross Weight
150kg 190kg

Shaker for LF-720a

Name Suitable for For width Drying Length
Shaker DTF Model LF-720a <600mm 10cm
Power Heat bars Control pannel Drying Tunnel
4.5KW 5 Bars Color touchscreen Mesh conveyor / Two stages heating
Power supply Machine dimensions Package Dimension Net Weight
220V, 4.5KW, 20A(110V Optional) L1620*W912*H992mm L1420*W1120*H1113mm 180kg
Gross Weight

Purifier for LF-720a

Name Model Air volume Power supply
Purifier Suitable for LF-720a e LF-740a 280m3/h 220V/440W/0.6A
Machine dimension Package dimension Net Weight Gross Weight
L530*W571*H1366mm L690*W630*H1540mm 95kg 122kg

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Digital printing solution LF-720a

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digital printing applications

What you can create with the digital printer

By the new technologies of digital printers, DTF printers and sublimation printers you will be able to customize a large number of products such as t-shirts, clothing, household linen, gadgets, shoppers and materials such as wood, plastic, metals, cork, PVC and so on.

What to do

Follow these steps

1st step

Choose the right printer

Choose a device suitable for your goals

2nd step


Choose the right combinations for your goals

3rd step

Design e configuration

Use the integrated software to set your design

4th step


Print on the film

5th step

Heat press

Cut out the created design and use the heat press to imprint it on the material

6th step


Perfect! Now your products are finished and ready.