heat press

Heat Presses

Our series of heat presses is characterized by: precision, versatility and intelligent technology. Each model has been carefully designed to ensure even heat distribution, allowing for precise and detailed heat transfers. Adjustable temperature and pressure put control in your hands, allowing you to achieve perfect results on a wide range of materials.

From printing on fabrics to customizing gadgets and objects, our Heat Presses are ready to face any challenge. Their versatility extends beyond apparel printing, allowing for the creation of promotional items, custom decor and more.

Whether you're a customization entrepreneur, creative crafter, or business looking for high-quality printing solutions, our line of Heat Presses is ready to lift your work to the next level. Explore unlimited customization potential with our line of Heat Presses, where quality and innovation come together to bring your boldest ideas to life.

Pressa per stampante digitale DTF LF-370i

Leaf LF-370i

Single table economic serie

Pressa per stampante digitale DTF LF-370s

Leaf LF-370s

Double table economic serie

Pressa per stampante digitale DTF LF-370xp

Leaf LF-370xp

Double table luxury series