Sublimatic printing system

Sublimatic printer solution system

With ongoing international changes and increasingly evolved demands in terms of fashion, it is increasingly necessary to be ready to give an adequate response to market needs in terms of speed of product delivery, efficiency in consumption and costs. Sublimation digital printing allows us to fully respond to this need.

Compared to traditional printing technologies, in fact, sublimation printing offers a wider range of colours, guaranteeing quality and photorealism in a natural way in the prints, in this way requests can be optimized by increasing the printing speed.

Brochure Sublimatics

Serie P

Focus on: sportswear e beachware

For the print quality, the number of details and the color range of sportswear and swimwear lines, the P series is the best solution we can offer to our customers.

It is also particularly suitable for beachwear, with its many color gradients and sparkling prints.

The P series (Precision) is focused on: printing precision

Stampante digitale sublimatica LF 192


Printing Heads: Epson i3200-A1 2pz

Printing speed: 40m²/hr.@360X2400

Printing width: 190cm

Stampante digitale sublimatica LF 194


Printing Heads: Epson i3200-A1 4pz

Printing speed: 150m²/hr.@360X1200

Printing width: 190cm

Stampante digitale sublimatica LF 198


Printing Heads: Epson i3200-A1 8pz

Printing speed: 350m²/hr.@360X1200

Printing width: 190cm

Serie F

Focus on: High speed for women's clothing and carpets.

The F series is a technological solution particularly oriented towards women's clothing, whose richness of colors and details requires a fast and quality system

The F series (Fashion) is focused on: fashion, speed and versatility.

Stampante digitale sublimatica LF 1912


Printing Heads: EPSON i3200-A1 12pz

Printing speed: 450m²/hr.@360X1200

Printing width: 190cm

Stampante digitale sublimatica LF 1915


Printing Heads: EPSON i3200-A1 15pz

Printing speed: 550m²/hr.@360X1800

Printing width: 190cm

Serie S

Focus on: High speed, large volumes

This machine can be equipped with 8 or 12 heads. Epson S3200-A1 heads is an industrial-grade print head, possesses large inkjet capacity and long life cycle, top speed and precision performance.

One of the best choices for mass production.

The S series (Strong) is focused on: high speed and large volumes.

Stampante digitale sublimatica LF 198s


Printing Heads: EPSON S3200-A1 8pz

Printing speed: 630m²/hr.@300X600

Printing width: 190cm

Stampante digitale sublimatica LF 1912s


Printing Heads: EPSON S3200-A1 12pz

Printing speed: 1000m²/hr.@300X600

Printing width: 190cm

Serie W

Focus on: Large widths for home textiles

In recent years, the textile and household linen sector has increasingly oriented itself towards fashion, which for decades was the exclusive prerogative of clothing. However, the ever-increasing needs for change in collections and the difficulties of production abroad make fast and flexible production necessary.

This sector however requires significant print sizes between 260cm and 320cm and requires specific heads. The 8-head Epson i3200-A1 print is the ideal solution and represents a solution that together with the paper and inks of the specific line fully satisfy printing needs in terms of competitiveness, speed and print quality.

The W series (Wider) is designed for large prints.

Stampante digitale sublimatica LF 3208


Printing Heads: Epson i3200-A1 8 pz

Printing speed: 350m²/hr.@360X1200

Printing width: 320cm

Serie D

Focus on: Direct printing on polyester fabrics

The D series consists of two models in particular, designed for fast printing on flags and promotional banners. Fast and with low consumption.

The D (Direct) series is therefore designed for direct printing on light fabrics.

Stampante digitale sublimatica LF 1804a


Printing Heads: EPSON i3200-A1 4pz

Printing speed: 150m²/hr.@2-pass

Printing width: 163cm

Stampante digitale sublimatica LF 3204


Printing Heads: EPSON i3200-A1 4pz

Printing speed: 200m²/hr.@2-pass

Printing width: 210cm