Sublimatic printer LF-194

Focus on: sportswear and beachware

Printing heads: Epson i3200-A1 4pz

Printing speed: 150m²/hr.@360X1200

Printing width: 190cm

Serie P

The P (Precision) series is focused on: printing precision

For the print quality, the number of details and the color range of sportswear and swimwear lines, the P series is the best solution we can offer our customers.

Technology solution

Sublimatic digital printing solution

Suitable for beachwear, with its many color gradients and sparkling prints.

Heat Calender LF-1942

Heat Calender for sublimatic printer

LF-711(CMY) + LF-721BK

Sublimatic ink

Paper 60/80/90gsm

Sublimatic paper


Data sheet LF-194

Sublimatic printer LF-194

Name Model Printing heads Printing speed
High precision Ink-jet printer LF-194 Epson i3200-A1 4pz 150m2/hr.@360X1200
Printing width Ink Color Media Type Ink type
190cm CMYK o CMYK LM LC LK LLK Sublimatic paper / wood grain paper / film / wallpaper Sublimatic Ink
Paper Take-up Feeding paper Heat system RIP Software
200mt 500mt Auto constant temperature drying system RIIN, Maintop, Neostampa (Optional)
Temperature / Humidity Power supply Machine dimension Package dimension
20-30℃,45-65% 700W 220vAC L3180*W1290*H1830mm L3200*W1150*H1060mm
Net Weight Gross Weight
520kg 712kg

Heat Calender LF-1942

Name Model Press widt Drum width Power Supply
Heat Calender for sublimatic printer LF-1942 190cm 420mm 24kw 220/380V

Sublimatic Ink LF-711(CMY)+LF-721BK

Name OEKO-TEX Certificate No. SH150 OEKO-TEX Test Report No.
Sublimatic Ink SH150 202905 SH150 222673.1



Weight Caliper Air resistance Cobb 60s Roughness ISO brightness Humidity
90 115μm 25S 24gr/m2 80-550ml/min 85% 6%
80 101μm 25S 24gr/m2 80-550ml/min 85% 6%
60 80μm 28S 24gr/m2 80-550ml/min 85% 6%

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Sublimatic digital printing solutions LF-194

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With ongoing international changes and increasingly evolved demands in terms of fashion, it is increasingly necessary to be ready to give an adequate response to market needs in terms of speed of product delivery, efficiency in consumption and costs. Sublimation digital printing allows us to fully respond to this need.

Compared to traditional printing technologies, in fact, sublimation printing offers a wider range of colours, guaranteeing quality and photorealism in a natural way in the prints, in this way requests can be optimized by increasing the printing speed.


Printing heads: Epson i3200-A1 2pz

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Printing width: 190cm


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Printing width: 190cm

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What you can create with the digital printer

By the new technologies of digital printers, DTF printers and sublimation printers you will be able to customize a large number of products such as t-shirts, clothing, household linen, gadgets, shoppers and materials such as wood, plastic, metals, cork, PVC and so on.