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Assistance and Services for the Sale of Digital Machines

Assistance to our customers is total from every point of view, whatever our customer's request.

Leaf Italia offers you an impeccable experience from the import phase to the after-sales phase, ensuring your satisfaction and peace of mind at every step.

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Import and Machinery Directive:

We personally take care of every phase of the import of digital machines, guaranteeing compliance with all current regulations and legal directives. Our expert team will assist you in managing customs procedures and complying with the Machinery Directive regulations.


Machine's warranty:

All digital printers sold by us are covered by a comprehensive warranty giving you peace of mind and security.

In case of any defects or malfunctions, our team will be ready to resolve any problem, ensuring the correct functioning of your equipment.

after sales

After sales help:

Our commitment to you does not end with the sale.

We offer complete assistance in the after-sales phase, including assembly, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, supply of original and high-quality spare parts, as well as consumables essential for the correct functioning of the machines. Online assistance is also always available.


Digital sublimatic and DTF printing system:

Higly skilled in sublimation printing and DTF (Direct to Film) printing

We offer advanced, cutting-edge solutions to meet all your digital printing needs. Our machines are designed to ensure excellent, long-lasting results, allowing you to achieve high-quality prints on a wide range of materials.

We are proud to offer professional, accurate care at affordable prices, because your satisfaction is our top priority. Our goal is to give an excellent customer experience in the pre-purchase and post-purchase phase to our customers. Contact us today to find out how we can help you realize your digital printing projects with ease and reliability.

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Leaf big family

Our qualified agents are present in different markets, the “LEAF” family network continues to grow on the global market.

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Clients say about us

I' ha've imported and assembled many of the Leaf machines mainly in Germany and in various parts of the world, I can say that they are robust and long-lasting machines, and the printing system is very efficient and fast. I can only guarantee the quality and suggest to others.


Josh Miller
Business Man

We are a printing company that customizes various types of products in the USA, especially in the field of sportswear and I can say that we have not had any difficulties, we have imported around 40 DTF machines, we use them intensively and, to date, we are fully satisfied.


Josh Miller
Textile fabric

We are a company that works in the home textile production, I was looking for a machine that would allow me to be at the cutting edge technologically, but containing investment costs and above all those of consumables, in order to have a highly competitive production, in a market moment which remains complicated. I turned to Miss Cozzolino who had already been collaborating with us for years and offered us complete assistance for our needs. I feel particularly satisfied.


Francesco C. -Italia
Textile fabric